Mama D (Diana Markus)


Diana Markus (aka Mama D) fulfilled her long-time dream of establishing a coffee shop when she first transformed a historic 1912 bank building into the Wales coffee shop —a bright, comfortable gathering place. Thanks to all who have made this dream a reality!


Music Manager | Manager, Waukesha

Ali organizes all of the myriad activities we have going on at Mama D's, including music and poetry readings. Ali is a musician herself and regularly performs at Mama D's.


Started: October, 2015

Drink of choice: Iced Beach Day Mocha

Favorite food: Spinach Feta Wrap

I am: Genuine


Social Media Manager

Started: June 2017

Drink of choice: Luau latte (lavender and coconut) 

Favorite food: Breakfast sandwich with sausage 

I am: Fearless 


Website Maintenance & Weekly Newsletter

Zannah has had the privilege of watching Mama D's grow from a friend's dream to a successful reality. While not living close enough to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations, she is honored to be able to be a part of the team from afar.

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Baker, Waukesha

Debbie has been creating delicious bakery in our Waukesha kitchen since October of 2016 and has acquired quite a following. Stop by and try one of her sweet treats!


Support Baker & Barista, Waukesha

Started: March 2019 

Drink of choice: Iced Beach Day 

Favorite food: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin 

I am: A Dreamer 


Barista, Waukesha

Started: June 2017

Drink of choice: Honey Latte with nutmeg

Favorite food: Sour Cream Coffee Cake (even though I'm not supposed to eat it because I'm gluten free)

I am: Creative


Barista, Waukesha

Started: October 2017

Drink of choice: Costa Rica light roast 

Favorite food: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin

I am: Passionate


Barista, Waukesha

Started: September 2018
Drink of choice: Lavender latte
Favorite food: Spinach feta wrap
I am: Sunny! 


Barista, Waukesha

Started: May 2019 

Drink of choice: Easter Bunny (white mocha with lavender) 

Favorite food: Spinach feta quiche 

I am: Joyful!!! 


Barista, Waukesha

Started: August 2019

Drink of choice: Lavender London Fog

Favorite food: Bacon Breakfast burrito

I am: Bubbly



Started: October 2019 

Drink of choice: Iced soy milk latte

Favorite food: Turkey pesto panini

I am: Creative 

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Manager, Wales

Peachy is the backbone of our staff at Mama D's. 


Started: Since opening day!

Drink of choice: Iced Mocha

Favorite food: Breakfast Burrito

I am: Loyal


Assistant Manager, Wales

Started: June 2016

Drink of choice: London Fog or Sweater Weather

Favorite food: Turkey Pesto Panini

I am: Gentle


Barista, Wales

Started: July 2014

Drink of choice: Chai Latte

Favorite food: Turkey Pesto Panini Sandwich & Gluten Free Muffins

I am: Tenacious


Barista, Wales

Started: January 2017 (+ volunteer two years prior!)

Drink of choice: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Favorite food: Steel Cut Oatmeal with quinoa and honey on the side

I am: Goofy


Barista, Wales

Started: June 2018

Drink of Choice: Spiced Chai

Favorite Food: Baked Oatmeal

I am: Dedicated


Barista, Wales

Started: August, 2018

Drink of choice:  Cold Brew Coffee

Favorite food:  Baked Oatmeal

I am: Happy


Barista, Wales

Started: September, 2018

Drink of choice:  Vanilla Latte

Favorite food:  Vegetable Egg Bake

I am: Musical!


Barista, Wales

Started: September 2017

Drink of choice: Coconut Latte or Dirty Monkey

Favorite food: Ultimate Grilled Cheese

I am: Spunky


Barista, Wales

Started: April, 2019

Drink of choice: Burnin’ Love
Favorite Food: Yogurt Parfait
I am: Goofy


Barista, Wales

Started: April, 2019

Drink of choice: Tangerine Ginger Tea 
Favorite food: Ham and Cheddar Panini
I am: Logical


Barista, Wales

Started: July 2019

Drink of choice: Iced Honey & Lavender Latte with Oat Milk 

Favorite food: Breakfast Burrito with Ham & Avocado 

I am: Bold 


Barista, Wales

Started: August 2019

Drink of choice: Pumpkin Pie Latte 

Favorite food: Snickers Bar 

I am: Creative

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Manager, Genesee Depot